Visible Assets, Inc



Secure Wireless Visibility Systems
based on RuBee (IEEE 1902.1)




Real-time Armory Inventory,
Weapons Healthcare


Mission-Critical Tool Management
and Accountability




Oracle and Visible
create integrated RuBee Visibility Networks

Recent Whitepapers

- Oracle Visibility Toolkit
- Introduction To RuBee
- Leveraging Visibility

Oracle and Visible Assets have teamed up to develop a fully integrated RuBee Asset Visibility Network Toolkit. Just like Information Technologies (IT), Visibility Technologies (VT) and Visibility systems have many common denominator needs. Visibility software packages can provide building block solutions for any asset visibility requirement.

Real-time Drillpipe Visibility,
Downhole Telemetry


Management of High-Value Assets,
Chemicals, and Hazardous Materials